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Business Planning for Start-Ups

From the most comprehensive plan, ready for investors to a simple roadmap for the business owner, our planners and strategists help newly formed companies and corporations establish their path. Our business developers also support new companies in establishing their infrastructure and plan their logistics to become operational. Let us help you define your mission, vision, values and get your company launched!

Strategic Planning for Existing Businesses

Consultants and trainers work with executives and organizational leaders to expand, diversify or simply establish next steps for the business. The planning process is fun, interactive and leaves participating personnel bought-in and thinking futuristically.


Public Relations & Marketing: 

Brand Development. Social Media Management. Public Relations. Marketing

We believe that every business should look professional and polished. Designers and brand developers work to ensure a classy and appealing corporate presentation. Logos and websites design, social media management, print and digital collateral development are some of the services provided by our creative team. Let us help you determine your brand’s look, feel and delivery. Marketers and public relations specialists also help with accessing your audience and penetrating your markets, through our influential global network and robust database of corporate, individual and media contacts.


Corporate Events:

Promote your product, idea, or cause through an exciting, polished and organized event that draws the right crowd and meets your vision. Conferences, expos, galas, networking mixers, missions trips, and fundraisers are within our scope. Our planners have a large global network of partners and we leverage these relationships to ensure our clients receive impeccable services and reasonable rates for their events.


Executive Coaching & Leadership Support:

We know it can be lonely at the top and sometimes executives and leaders need safe and objective listeners, and advisors. Our experienced coaching staff helps leaders develop personally and professionally while expanding and improving their own leadership styles and practices to get the best from the teams they lead. Trainers offer formalized workshops and sessions for teams to help with change management, personnel development, improving organizational culture and to improve overall performance.