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Corporate Filings/Nonprofit Applications:

Attaining your certificate of exemption is a necessary step in becoming a legitimate, donation-accepting nonprofit. Our experienced developers have successfully assisted new nonprofits in attaining their 501c3/4 status.


Grant Writing & Fund Development:

Let us help you to fund your project or program through grant writing or fund development. We have successfully secured millions in funding for clients through local, federal and foundation grants. Crowd funding, fundraising events, donor development and capital campaigns are services that help our nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations to increase and diversify operating budgets.


Program Design & Development:

Many of our consultants are former program and project directors for nonprofit organizations and are highly experienced with developing social service programs. Team members work with nonprofit staff to identify areas of need and establish solution-oriented plans, goals, and objectives.   We can help you with implementation plans, budgets, outputs and evaluation tools and systems to ensure a successful replicable program.


Board Development:

Strong organizations are led by strong and involved boards of directors. We help nonprofits to develop their board member profiles, assist with recruitment, onboarding and integration. Through board workshops, trainings and facilitations we help boards with leading organizations to fulfilling their missions.


Evaluations & Assessments:

Our team of evaluators help nonprofits measure their progress and areas for improvement. Evaluators use quantitative and qualitative customized tools for a clear depiction of how their work fulfills their mission. Data and record reviews, key informant interviews, surveys, focus groups are some of the ways we can help you determine your progress and direction.